Mabel’s Labels

The children are going back to school soon.  You should get them

I don’t know who Mabel is, but she’s a gosh-darn genius.

The most amazing stick-almost-anywhere labels that are perfect for backpacks, lunch bags, coats, shoes.  They are the greatest!  They don’t come off.  We got some when the Bud was born – he starts at a new daycare on Wednesday and I’m going to stick them on everything.  Including his forehead.
There are different designs, colors and packages.  They even have household ones.  You know what I’m thinking?  ORGANIZING.  Fun!

I even have my own mini ones that I stick on my books before I lend them out.  If I ever find an unreturned book of mine on one of your bookshelves, GOD HELP YOU.

I am thinking about getting some for C – he is worse than a child when it comes to leaving his belongings in random places.  How cute would it be if had Mabel’s Labels on his shoes, sweaters, Blackberry, workboots?  I know.  CUTE.
Pink ones.


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