So, I always thought that if you had a good quality camera that taking pictures was not hard.

I was very, very wrong.
I cannot take a decent picture for the life of me.
I have a new-found respect for anyone who can take a good photo.

Mind you, I have a few things working against me:

  • I think the lighting in my kitchen is all wrong
  • I have no talent
  • I’m usually rushed and trying to take the picture as quickly as possible because I have hungry boys to feed
  • I don’t have the camera’s user manual because I borrowed the camera from my sister.  I have looked it up online, but I don’t have the time or the motivation to read it
  • I feel that everything I make would photograph 10x better if it were placed on DENBY
  • I have no talent

Although, when I’m working with a subject like this, I think I do alright.

I’m not saying it’s brilliant but it’s an improvement over anything else I’ve posted.


I’m not giving up…yet.

I was away at my husband’s family’s annual ‘Chick’s Weekend’ In Niagara on the Lake this past weekend…so I didn’t cook or bake.  But, DON’T WORRY!  I still consumed a lot of calories. A. LOT.
I might have to use some old favorite recipes on here this week…


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