Back when I was reading the Happiness Project, the author made a suggestion that you take a moment each day and think about what you are thankful for.  She suggested that you pick the same time every day, make it part of your routine and that way you won’t forget.
I did it for two days – while my computer was powering up at work.  Then, I forgot.
But, I do have moments, regularly, where I think about how lucky I am and all I have to be grateful for.

On this, the week leading up to Thanksgiving, I am going to post one thing each day that I am thankful for.  I challenge you all to do the same – either on your blogs, your Facebook, comments here – wherever.  Just do it, people.
If you start thinking about it now, then when your family goes around the table at Thanksgiving Dinner and you awkwardly have to say what you’re thankful for in front of everyone, you’ve given it some thought.  Wait, only my husband’s family does that?  Oh.  There’s something you can all add to your list.


One response

  1. Definitely an incredibly awkward moment around the table….and if someone gives thanks for something which is the same thing you were going to give thanks for, you look like a copycat. Like, two people in a row can’t be thankful for their health! So I always try and have a few things lined up so it’s original….

    Aaah, the stress of thanksgiving dinner.

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