I Am Thankful For…Shellac Manicures

Has everyone heard of these?

It’s a gel polish that lasts up to 14 days.  Well, mine doesn’t because I’m OCD and as soon as there is the slightest chip I peel it off.  But – it lasts WAY longer than any other manicure.  Also, it’s dry as soon as you leave the salon!  It’s pretty great.

I am thankful for shellac manicures.

I’d take a picture, but I’m no hand model.

Happy Thanksgiving!

p.s. Something else  I’m thankful for?  The Erin Fall Fair.  We’re taking the Bud and he’s going to loooooove it.  Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures and be able to post them.


One response

  1. great blog em! just wanted to add that i am not on the list of things you love, but i see that “knock knock” is…and we found these “beauts” together! i wish HARD that i could find those “yo mama” ones again…those were good times! xo

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