FUN and GREEN Halloween Idea!

Once I have more children, more stuff kicking around and some of my friends start having kids (AHEM – let’s go people), I think I would do this.  What a fabulous idea!

The Great Halloween Costume Swap

Recycle used costumes and your kids will get to create new outfits from previously worn pieces – all at no cost and in the comfort of your own home.

  • Host your party two weeks before Halloween, so parents still have time to gather last-minute costume accessories before the big night.
  • Invite at least 10 families, with children of varying ages, so that there are many costumes to choose from.
  • Have guests drop off costumes before the swap or bring them on the swap day.  If you don’t end up with a lot of costumes, consider limiting the number of pieces each family can take.  Donate any leftovers to your local secondhand store.
  • Choose a large room in your home and use low tables or the floor to organize the costumes in piles, so kids can easily look through them.  Consider separating multipiece costumes to encourage the kids to assemble their own creations.
  • Make the swap memorable by serving Halloween-themed snacks and drinks.

Taken from Canadian Living, created by Rebecca Brown creative director for


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