Health is Happiness – Week Two

Day 8 – Pack Lunch as a Family
Making your own lunch helps you avoid high-calorie convenience food.  The folks at Breakfast for Learning suggest reaching for whole grain bread instead of white when making sandwiches, and avoiding processed deli meats, which are high in sodium and contain chemical preservatives such as nitrates.

Day 9 – Make a Clean Sweep
Taking the time to organize one room in the house can help your heart and your mind! Not only is decluttering a great stress reliever, but doing 60 minutes of housework can burn up to 200 calories.  (UH, HELLO!  WHY DON’T I WEIGH 100 POUNDS?)

Day 10 – Walk and Talk
The next time you answer your mobile, stand up and get mobile!  According to the Heart and Stoke Foundation, even those who exercise regularly but still sit for long periods have a greater risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  Simply standing and stretching your legs throughout the day can help you improve circulation and burn calories.

Day 11 – Ditch the Remote Control
Enjoying TV doesn’t have to mean becoming a couch potato.  The Canadian Obesity Network suggests adding some movement to your channel surfing by getting rid of the remote.  Even low-to-moderate activity like getting up to change the channel can help boost your metabolism.

Day 12 – Shop On A Full Stomach
You’re much more likely to cave to your cravings if you go to the grocery store hungry.  Before shopping, eat a satisfying protein-rich snack or meal that’s high in fibre to help you feel full longer.

Day 13 – Trade Your Entrée For An Appetizer
Portion sizes in restaurants are much larger now than they were 20 years ago, to the point where the average entrée packs a walloping 1,000 calories – nearly half of most people’s recommended daily allowance.  If you eat out this week, try swapping this calorie bomb for a simple appetizer, which is often hefty enough to satisfy hunger.

Day 14 – Add Weight To Your Walk
Fill a backpack with a few items (two or three cans of food, or a small bag of flour), put the pack on and take a 20 minute walk.  Lugging a heavier load helps you burn more calories, improves muscle strength and endurance, and provides a more rigorous cardiovascular workout.

Source: Canadian Living Magazine


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