Secret Is Out

So, I’ve been MIA for a while.  Of course, I was studying for my exam and then things got crazy busy with Christmas.  I could give you a whole lot o’ excuses – but the real reason: I haven’t been able to bake or cook.  I am pregnant and food has not been my friend.

This has been CRAZY for me.  It made me realize how much time I spend thinking about food.  Even if I have just eaten something, I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat next.  At work during the day, I used to dream about dinner.  I used to meal plan weeks in advance. Lately, it’s made me gag.  There are days where I can’t think of anything – not. one. single. thing. – that appeals to me.

I don’t even know myself anymore.

I don’t even want to eat Christmas cookies.  Sigh.

As I am approaching the second trimester, I’m hoping the end is near.  I don’t think I can nourish another being while consuming only slices of cucumber and Bacon Dippers.

Hope to back and functioning in the near future!


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