Mabel’s Labels

The children are going back to school soon.  You should get them

I don’t know who Mabel is, but she’s a gosh-darn genius.

The most amazing stick-almost-anywhere labels that are perfect for backpacks, lunch bags, coats, shoes.  They are the greatest!  They don’t come off.  We got some when the Bud was born – he starts at a new daycare on Wednesday and I’m going to stick them on everything.  Including his forehead.
There are different designs, colors and packages.  They even have household ones.  You know what I’m thinking?  ORGANIZING.  Fun!

I even have my own mini ones that I stick on my books before I lend them out.  If I ever find an unreturned book of mine on one of your bookshelves, GOD HELP YOU.

I am thinking about getting some for C – he is worse than a child when it comes to leaving his belongings in random places.  How cute would it be if had Mabel’s Labels on his shoes, sweaters, Blackberry, workboots?  I know.  CUTE.
Pink ones.



I am feelin’ good – I just had a really good, successful lunch break. 

First – I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious my lunch was – I threw it together at the last minute this morning and I didn’t have high hopes.  I had a couple of rye crispbreads spread with chive flavored cream cheese, topped with cucumber and deli roasted chicken.  Gosh, it was awesome.  Just thought I’d share.
And yes, I’ll be starving in 20 minutes.

More importantly – I successfully completed a task that I have been putting off and dreading for the last couple of weeks.  This coming weekend I’m headed to Hamilton to celebrate my university-friend Heather’s 30th birthday – ladies only, limo, wine tours, fun.  I have to come up with a gift.  I HATE buying gifts, I hate shopping for other people and I am terrible at it.  BUT – I think I might have gotten it right this time. 
I guess I’ll never really know. 
But I’m happy, so who cares.
If someone gave me this gift, I’d be stoked.

I went to Chapters.  GOD, I love that place.  I bought her the following:

My Future Listography by Chronicle Books: for those who like to write lists.  I am one of those people.  Heather is one of those people.  We are the coolest people I know.

Life’s Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets by Lisa Quinn: I haven’t read this book, but it’s on my list.  It looks funny.  Heather and I are both a little particular about how we keep our houses.  We are the cleanest people I know (in a fun, OCD kind of way).

I threw this is for good measure:

Made by Knock Knock.  Heather’s getting married, these will come in handy.  After they are married of course, when all women start to show their true colors. 
I’m just saying.

The first two are on my wish list.  Yep, I have a list for my wishes.  There is probably a spot in the Listography book for wishes.  I’m totally going to buy it.  Upgraded from WISH to NEED.  I’m going back tomorrow.

Knock Knock

This is not a joke.

I just wanted to share my love for this little line of products.  There are few things in life that I love more than being organized and I go to great lengths to have this order in my life.  If I am organized – I feel in control and I am happy.  If I am unorganized, I am a ridiculous mess.  Nobody wants that.

I write lists, I make meal plans, I outline my work wardrobe for the week, I have a particular spot for almost every single thing that I own.

I’m a fun girl, I swear.

Some of these things would help me, greatly.


So, pretty much the whole collection.

It’s a fun website to browse.  The stuff is cute and funny and useful.  And I love it.  And I love lists.  And organizing.  And planning.